Creative Capital Studio

We invest in purpose-driven entrepreneurs to build brilliant businesses. Personally.

We think and act differently.

We are creative.
We back and serve soft tech companies run by purpose-driven people if we see their potential.

We team up with the best and brightest entrepreneurs providing them with funding and hands-on support.

Together we accelerate towards success; we co-create and co-innovate.

We invest in people with a purpose to unleash their potential.

We invest our money, our time, and our expertise.

We partner with founders who are clear on their own and their company’s purpose.

We believe a company’s purpose will act as a North Star and is key to attract and retain talent.

We embrace creativity; we step out of the day-to-day to envision how to realize the company’s potential.

We provide funding and offer our own people to give the company a running start.

Once we have ensured future success, we recruit the right people to replace us.

We invest in scale-ups and provide game-changing support.

Money doesn’t change the world. Creativity does. Passionate entrepreneurs with purpose and perseverance do.

We believe that purpose-driven people deserve to make their mark and will back and serve them if we see the potential.

We invest in and act on what can be.

We invest in specific people, companies, and potential.

We invest in passionate people running a healthy company with amazing potential.

We invest in purpose-driven, first-time founders who are open to collaborating and learning. In profitable European soft tech scaleups.

We invest if we see the potential for acceleration within 6 to 9 months towards long-term success. Then, we are willing to invest between 500K and 2.5M.

But above all: we only invest if we believe that this will lead to impact.

Do you meet these requirements?

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We partner with exceptional soft tech scaleups in Europe run by purpose-driven founders.

Currently, we are investing here.


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